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Eventra Media Pvt Ltd is a corporate event management company based in Bangalore – India. We are redefining the art of corporate event management and specialise in crafting memorable experiences that leave a positive and lasting impact on your guests elevating your brand to new heights. As industry pioneers, we blend our passion, precision, and creativity to conceptualise and produce extraordinary events to perfection.

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Turning Visions into Reality


Annual Day Events

A corporate event is an opportunity to celebrate the year’s achievements, foster a culture of teamwork and friendship, mingle with people and make new friends, have fun and party together, or simply blow off some steam after a long year of hard work.


Conference Events

Conference events provide great networking opportunities and knowledge sharing, gaining insides and learning. Empowering attendees with new tools and strategies to enhance their performance. ​


Sports Events

Corporate sports events promote health & wellness. Create a more connected, positive and balanced workplace and boost employees self-esteem and confidence.​


Promotion Events

Promotion events are the most valuable marketing tools. Events are conceptualised with the sole objective of how it impacts the brand visibility, customer engagement, and sales growth, making them an essential part of a comprehensive marketing strategy


Team Building Events

Team building events promote improved communications and increased productivity. Events are planned with an objective of either enhanced collaboration, identifying strengths, conflict resolution or fostering creativity and innovation.​


Concert Events

Concert events provide branding opportunities and enriching employees cultural experiences along with fostering entertainment and bringing people together through the power of live performance. These events create cherished memories for attendees and a sense of connection between the artists and the audiences.​

Event Technology

Unlock Your Event's Full Potential and stay on budget

Corporate events are not the same from one company to another. That is why we created a range of programs especially tailored to you. Let us take care of every aspect of your corporate event, from design and graphics to music, catering, installations and the final production.

We’re here to change the corporate event management industry by using the best technology to make things more efficient and creative. For example, our in-house team of experts in Event Launch Videos, Laser Shows and Augmented Reality can help you stay within your budget by making things more efficient.


Top-notch event services

Simplify, Optimize, Succeed: Event Management at its Best

Innovative Concepts​

Out-of-the-box approach to event services sets us apart, We deliver captivating and memorable experiences that resonates with your event audience.

Seamless Execution​

We are specialist and experts in event logistics and execution, the end objective is to deliver you a stress-free event, knowing everything is in capable hands.


From event conceptualization to completion, we meticulously plan every aspect in detail, Our objective is to leave no room for surprises.​

Exceeding Expectations​

We don't just meet expectations, we exceed them. Your success is our triumph.



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Partner with us to create a remarkable and unforgettable corporate event that will be talked about long after the curtains close.


Let's Collaborate to Craft Your Event's Success Story

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International Events

Global Event Planning Expertise

Your search for a perfect venue in an International destination can be a challenging task. With our vast international network of venues we identify and secure the most fitting event locations for your event. Whether it’s a prestigious convocation centre, a luxurious resort or a unique off-site destination. We handle all the negotiations and logistics to ensure a stunning and well-equipped venue for your event.

International Corporate Events