Top 20 Corporate Team Building Games


Corporate Team building activities serve as a means of fostering collaboration effective communication and camaraderie, among employees during events. Here we present twenty team building games along with explanations;

Corporate Team Building Games

Top 20 Must Have Games For Your Next Corporate Event


1. Escape Room Challenge;

Explanation; Participants find themselves “locked” in a room and must work together to solve puzzles and riddles within a specific timeframe. This engaging game encourages problem solving skills, teamwork and the application of thinking.

2. Blindfolded Trust Walk;

Explanation; In pairs one person is blindfolded while the other guides them through an obstacle course or designated path. This activity effectively builds trust between participants. Promotes efficient communication.

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3.Two Truths and a Lie;

Explanation; Each participant takes turns sharing two statements about themselves alongside one statement. The rest of the group engages in guessing which statement is untrue fostering understanding and connection among team members.

4.Tower Building Challenge;

Explanation; Teams are provided with supplies such, as spaghetti or marshmallows to construct the free standing tower within a specified time limit. This game stimulates creativity, resourcefulness and teamwork.

5.Human Knot;

Explanation; Participants form a circle. Hold hands with two people, from sides. Together they must untangle themselves without releasing their grip. This activity promotes problem solving skills and encourages teamwork.

6.Team Trivia;

Explanation; Teams engage in a competition by answering questions related to the company, industry or general knowledge. This fosters a sense of camaraderie. Allows for the sharing of knowledge among team members.

7.Paper Airplane Challenge;

Explanation; Teams are challenged to create paper airplanes and compete to see whose plane can achieve the distance when flown. This game stimulates creativity, collaboration. Adds an element of rivalry.


Explanation; Set up an obstacle course using objects as “mines” on the floor. One team member is blindfolded while their teammates guide them verbally through the course ensuring they avoid stepping on any “mines.” This activity enhances communication skills. Builds trust, within the team.

9. Balloon Tower Building;

Explanation; Teams are tasked with constructing the tower using balloons and tape as their building materials.

10.Marshmallow Challenge;

Explanation; In this activity teams are provided with spaghetti sticks, tape, string and a marshmallow. Their objective is to construct the structure that can support the marshmallow on top. This game encourages participants to showcase their creativity, innovative thinking and ability to collaborate effectively.

11.Chain Reaction;

Explanation; Teams come together to create a chain reaction using objects. The challenge is for each teams reaction to trigger the teams, in a relay style sequence. This game promotes creativity and teamwork as participants work together towards a goal.


12. Bucket Brigade;

Explanation; Teams need to move water from one end of a course, to the other passing it along in a chain using cups or other containers. This game focuses on the importance of coordination and teamwork.


Explanation; In this team building activity participants divide into groups and utilise Zooms breakout rooms. Each group is given a set of challenges or puzzles to solve within a time frame. It encourages teamwork and problem solving while working remotely.

14.Corporate Survivor;

Explanation; Teams find themselves “stranded” on a island, where they must tackle various challenges in order to earn supplies and ensure their survival. This game promotes thinking, leadership skills and effective teamwork.

15.Trust Fall;

Explanation; Participants take turns falling backward and rely on their teammates to catch them. Trust Fall is designed to build trust among team members while also enhancing communication skills and fostering a sense of teamwork.

16.Paintball or Laser Tag;

Explanation; Organise a competition involving paintball or laser tag. Teams work together to strategise and accomplish objectives, which fosters teamwork as strategic thinking.

17.Trust Fall;

Explanation; Participants take turns falling backward and rely on their teammates to catch them. Trust Fall is designed to build trust among team members while also enhancing communication skills and fostering a sense of teamwork.

18.Photo Hunt;

Explanation; Come up with a list of photos or videos that teams need to capture during the event. Participants will work together to find and document these items or scenes. This activity promotes creativity and teamwork.

19.Memorable Moments Wall;

 Explanation; Provide teams, with a sheet of paper and art supplies. They will create a representation of their shared memories or future aspirations. This game encourages reflection, creativity and bonding.

20.Collaborative Storytelling Circle;

 Explanation; Gather, in a circle where each participant contributes one sentence to build a story. The narrative can take turns, fostering creativity, communication and adaptability.


“When selecting team building games consider your teams dynamics and the objectives of the event. Customize the activities to align with your desired goals and suit the preferences of your participants.”

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