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The most important first step in UX design is the research phase for a product or service.

It serves the main purpose of understanding your customer and the market space.

Understanding you customers, their needs and their goals.

Few key points listed below and the scope is expanded based on your end objective.

  • Understanding – User interviews to identify requirements.
  • User Personas – Age | Occupation | Bio | Frustrations | Pain-points & More
  • Use Case – How different people use your product or service.
  •  Journey Maps – How user starts and finishes an experience.


Create user focus steps that user might take from start to finish in UI journey.

Radical thinking to allow free flow of ideas, this involves thinking up radical and unrealistic ideas to force the mind to think outside the box.

Low-fidelity Wireframe – Rough skeleton of UI and various components that make up the UI.

This is the process where constructive criticism starts.




UI design to create high/low fidelity prototypes may or may not be interactive.

Front end / Backend development once prototypes are approved.

Developers make the working prototype for testing and beta deployment.


Usability reporting – Observe real users using the product / service through detailed testing.

Split testing – Testing designs over one another.

Few parameters for gaining valuable insights.

  • Time spent on pages.
  • Bounce rates.
  • Links CTR
  • Heat maps and more..



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