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Eventra Media Pvt Ltd is your premier partner in planning and executing successful corporate sports events in Bangalore. We specialize in planning, organizing, and executing sports events that leave participants ecstatic & are customized impeccably to your visions. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional sports event management services that align with your goals and elevate your team-building experiences.


We understand that each sports event has its objectives to be met, preferences aligning with the brand & several specific requirements to make it a unique & successful event. We create exhilarating sports events aligning with your visions & needs.

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Sports Event Management Service

Selection of a perfect venue to cater to your vision of a perfect sports event is crucial. We scout & evaluate various venues to select the ideal venue that can cater to your event’s size & requirements. Moreover, we look over all the logistics, including equipment rentals & security, ensuring smooth operations throughout the event.


Eventra Media Pvt Ltd takes pride in itself for its efficient & skilled team. From experienced referees & umpires to event coordinators & support personnel, we ensure that your sports event is managed by qualified & committed professionals. 


To have a thing to remember such a memorable event & reminiscence, we employ the best photographers & videographers from our team. We not only capture the ecstatic moments of your events and provide exclusive viewership rights to the attendees.


We curate the itinerary of the event with a wide range of sports activities that keep our attendees of all ages & skill levels engaged & pumped up. From competitive tournaments & leagues to fun-filled sports challenges, we present a memorable experience for all participants & spectators.


Eventra Media Pvt Ltd is passionate about delivering
exceptional sports events that embody the spirit of competition & camaraderie, inspire fitness & health, & create lasting memories for all the attendees.
Our expertise, experience, attention to detail, & dedication assures you of a successful sports event that embodies the essence of sportsmanship & camaraderie.




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