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Event Management - Services

We are here to support and inspire you with creative ideas for amazing event services.

This includes a time-efficient and intriguing invitation process, pre-event engaging activities, venue management, designing a sumptuous menu, creating a strong brand presence, promoting a key corporate message, sourcing the best artists and entertainment and managing event services at its best. 

Whether you want to organize your annual day event or an international conference you experience fresh new ideas and concepts, we have experience and know-how to deliver your dream event for an audience size of 100 to 8000.


Conference Management


Conference management with grand entrances, innovative branding, photo ops, and central theme.Building connections, creating brand awareness and breeding innovation. The experience of interacting with the audience like never before.

We offer superior management of corporate conference logistics, regardless of location and size. Whether you are looking for complimentary service to support your conference team, or for a full spectrum of conference management solutions. We will customize our services to match your needs.


Annual day events are for fun. This is one day that all company employees and leadership teams come together to celebrate success. As your event managers, we conceptualize and produce the entire event with fresh new concepts and themes. We are the architects of audience engagement and have managed events for some of the biggest brands in India and abroad with workforce strengths of 100 to 10000.

Celebration event Management is the best way to focus on the companies core values and culture. Employees want to feel empowered and engaged. Companies with empowered and engaged employees are 87% less likely to quit. 



Celebration Events


International Events

Creating an impactful event takes creativity, imagination, experience, and expertise. We will work with you to deliver your objective. As a full-service agency, we translate an idea into an experience through combining stunning creative, compelling content and solid production expertise, from inception to delivery.

Planning an international event can be a challenging task as it involves close coordination from different vendors or agencies. Eventra Media offers a one-stop solution for our clients which include venue booking, rooming, ticketing, visa, ground transportation along with branding and event production. You experience our world-class and detailed report much before the event to help you to make informed decisions.


Event Solutions

event services-Rewards_&_Recognistion

Rewards & Recognition events are created with a central theme of achievement and motivation, this is an elaborate fanfare event beginning with a host of pre-event activities to the final event. This is the day you create memories to cherish. As you reward employees for their extraordinary contribution to your business. We help you to get the right concept and theme in place.


Team building events are important no matter if you have thousands of employees or just 10. Creating objective-driven team activities can be a challenge, it involves a fine balance between fun and learning. We help you from concept to production, our services are 100% aligned to your end objective.


Communication is the key driver for a successful event. Keeping track of tons of available information can be tedious. Download and install our company app on your smartphone before the event and the entire information is available at fingertips. Schedule, speakers, event planner, event info, local info, calendar and reminders, buzz and more. Flexibility to change schedules, speakers or just any other info by one click and update participants. Use our clicker service to gauge the response of participants live during the event displaying results in realtime. Participants who miss out on the event have access to a secured webcasting platform.

Corporate Events

Pre Event Activities | Employee training | Employee engagement | Internal movies | Creative designing | Venue Management | Artist Management | Stage, Sound, Lights and Visuals | Audience engagement | Gifts & Treats | Awards & Certificates | Security & Licenses 


Branding | Destination Events | Guided Tours | Off-Site Team Building | Corporate Adventure | Employee / Partner Incentive Events | Group Travel Booking | Venue Finder | Conferences | Corporate Backpack tours

Event Services Technology

Augmented reality in events | Event apps | Large format display |Virtual reality  | Micro sites | Led wall mapping | Laser shows and graphics | RFD attendee registration | Light shows | Smoke screens | Digital Inaugural | Smart Photo booth | Humanoid Anchors