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captivating & seamless corporate annual day events, curating unforgettable event experiences that leave a lasting impression on your audience. Our team of experts is dedicated to transforming your vision into a reality, ensuring that it reflects the essence of your brand & resonates with your attendees and employees, whether you’re planning an R&R event  or a grand-scale concert.

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We, at Eventra Media Pvt Ltd, have a passion for creating best annual day events that resonate with your audience, elevate your brand presence, and leave a lasting impact on all attendees. Our creativity, attention to detail, & dedication ensures an extraordinary & unforgettable concert for everyone involved, aligning with your company’s values & vision.

Annual Day Events

We understand that each concert is unique.
Our skilled & meticulous event planners work closely with your team to grasp your objectives, themes, & desired ambiance. We customize your concert to align with your brand identity, ensuring a cohesive & memorable experience for your audience.



Selection of a perfect venue to cater to your vision of a perfect an annual event is crucial. We scout & evaluate various venues to select the ideal setting that complements your concert’s theme & accommodates your expected audience size. Moreover, we look over all the production aspects, including stage setup, sound & lighting, and special effects, ensuring a smooth operation throughout the event.



Our vast network in the entertainment industry allows us to book the top-tier artists & performers that align with your event’s theme & atmosphere. We have performances ranging from renowned bands, solo artists, dance groups & acrobatics to dynamic entertainment acts. We handle all aspects of artist management to ensure a seamless performance that captivates your attendees.



Eventra Media Pvt Ltd takes pride in itself for its efficient & skilled team. Our dedicated event coordinators ensure smooth operations during the concert. We manage every aspect of the concert, from managing backstage logistics & led screen to coordinating artists, to ensure a flawless & stress-free event day



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